How You Can Get The Best Flavour Out Of Your Vape

We’ve all been there – vaping lackluster, bland flavours, and worst of all – dry hits.

Sometimes it’s the e-liquid used and sometimes it’s the way the vape is looked after. Read on to learn about the best practices to get the best flavour out of your vape tank!


Keep Your Tank Clean

If you vape on the regular, we recommend doing a thorough cleaning of your tank once a week, allowing you to fully enjoy your favourite flavours. When cleaning, you can take apart the glass and tip and wash them both with tap water.

If you want a more thorough cleaning, you could place hot water in a bowl, then leave the glass and tip in the bowl for 2 minutes. Make sure not to get water on your coil, as it may stop working.

Afterwards, fully dry the tank, reassemble and you are ready to vape away!

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Keep Your Tank Full of E-Liquid

We always recommend keeping your vape tank sufficiently topped up with e-liquid. Some tanks will have a small marking saying ‘min level’, indicating when to refill your e-liquid. If it does not have the marking, we recommend keeping your tank at least 1/4 full of e-liquid for the best results.

If you vape with a small amount of liquid in the tank, there is a risk of the coil burning out or getting a dry hit, especially with higher wattage setups.

Keeping you coils saturated in e-liquid at all times will keep your vape cloudy and flavourful.

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Find The Right VG:PG Ratio For Your Tank

Depending on your vape setup, there are different VG:PG ratios that work better than others. Experimenting with different ratios could help you find your vape’s sweet spot for coil longevity and flavour!

In general, higher VG e-liquids are better suited for cloud chaser and higher wattage setups, while higher PG e-liquids are better suited for lower wattage setups.

Finding the right balance between VG and PG helps you find the perfect balance between clouds, flavour and coil longevity.


Find The Best Balance Between Nicotine and Clouds For You

A factor in the flavour of your vapor is the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid. Nicotine has a distinct taste on it’s own, and having a higher nicotine level could change the flavour you taste.

Something you could try is using higher wattages and lower nicotine content in order to have a stronger flavour. For example, vaping 6mg/mL at 20 watts is similar to vaping 3mg/mL at 40 watts, other than that there would typically be more vapor and flavour at 40 watts.

This comes down to personal preference, so we recommend experimenting and finding what works best for you!


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