The Essentials for Vaping In The Winter You Need To Know

Vapes aren’t the biggest fans of winter temperatures. Luckily, we have some essential tips to make sure your vape thrives in the cold weather so that you can enjoy vaping year round!

Use Winter Friendly e-Liquid

When the temperatures are below freezing, e-liquids become thicker. This makes it harder for the cotton in the coil to absorb the e-liquid fast enough, especially with higher wattage setups. This can cause premature coil burning and replacement.

The Solution? Use high PG e-liquids in the winter!

We recommend using e-liquids with a 50:50 VG to PG ratio in the winter. PG is thin, resistant to cold temperatures and prevents your e-liquids from thickening. This will help your coil work at its best in the cold!

If you are unsure of your e-liquid’s thickness: when your vape has liquid, flip it upside down. The e-liquid should move around the tank with little resistance.

If there is a lot of resistance we recommend lowering your wattage or waiting until the vape is warmer before use.


Dress Warm and Keep Your Vape Warm

Even with the right winter e-liquid, the cold still shortens battery life and may even cause vape leaking.

The cold reduces the efficiency of your battery’s chemical reactions which may shorten battery life and power.

The Solution? Keep your vape warm as much as possible!

This means avoiding keeping your vape or e-liquids in your car during the winter. Also, when your are outside in the cold, keep your vape in a warm pocket when it is not in use. If possible, avoid vaping outside on especially cold days!

Note: Never apply excess heat to a battery!


Don’t Use Metal Tips

We’ve all heard not to touch water with metal in the winter. The same thing applies to our tips on our tanks! Using a metal tip on a cold vape may not be comfortable.

The Solution? Use a new plastic tip or get a tip cover.

You can find plastic or rubber tip covers to cover your metal tip, or you can get a new tip completely for reasonably cheap.

With these tips you should be able to vape year round with confidence!


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